Q:Who can register for a Fun Club membership?

A: All are welcome to register as a member! However, please note that the benefits (i.e: discounts, rewards, points redemption etc) are intended for youths aged 25 and below. Eligibility to claim these benefits will be verified at the merchant’s discretion.

Q:How do I register as a member?

A: Registration can be done on our webpage or the Fun Club mobile app.

Q:Why can’t I find Fun Club on the App Store?

A: Try searching on the App Store using the keyword “Fun Club” or follow these links: Android and iTunes

Q:Why does it say that the e-mail address is used?

A: This means that you have already registered for membership before. Please email us your details, including your full name, contact number and email address at hello@funclub.asia. We will send you further details to help reset your password.

Q:Is my personal information safe?

A: Yes, it is safe. Our team is committed to protecting your data and personal details.

Q:Why do I need to input my personal information during registration?

A: This is because verification of genuine ownership is needed for the collection of exchanged items in the “Rewards” sections. This means that the accuracy of information during registration is important for your points and rewards redemption. If any inaccurate information is provided, the reward will not be valid for redemption.


Q:How can I check for available discounts?

A: On the Fun Club mobile app, first press on the dots on the top right corner of the screen to go to the home page/menu bar. Then, select “Promotion” to view currently available discounts and promotions.

Q:How do I redeem the discounts?

A: Please refer to our animated guide.

Q:What should I do when my discount in the Fun Club mobile app is not recognised?

A: Please feel free to email us your concerns at hello@funclub.asia.

Q:Am I eligible to get discounts at other outlets or merchants besides the ones specified in the Fun Club mobile app?

A: Only the selected outlets that are listed in the Fun Club mobile app are eligible for discounts redemption in the meantime. We are actively establishing partnerships with more merchants to bring more awesome deals to you, so stay tuned!

Q:Why is the discount that I just saw a few days ago no longer available?

A: There are certain seasonal discounts, which have a limited validity period. Be sure to check the end date for each discount, so that you don’t miss out!


Q:How do I earn points?

A: For every discount you claim, you will be rewarded with points! For each dollar you spend on the Fun Club mobile app, you will earn one point. Accumulate points to claim rewards!

Q:How do I redeem the points?

A: Please refer to our animated guide.

Q:What’s the point of collecting points?

A: The points you collect can be used to exchange for goods, cash vouchers and cash. Check out the “Rewards” section in the Fun Club mobile app to see your eligible redemptions!

Q:How do I collect the items exchanged using my points?

A: You can collect the items at a designated retailer, at the Fun Club head office, or from your university/college representative. We will contact you regarding further details for item collection.

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