Q:Who can register?

A: Anyone can register to enjoy the discounts benefit. Only Points & Redemption features applicable to youth age 25 and below.

Q:How do I register as FC members?

A: Registration can be done in our webpage or FC mobile application.

Q:I can’t find FC in application store.

A: Use the keyword “Fun Club” or link below: Android & I-Tune

Q:E-mail address used.

A: It means you’ve registered before this, send your details (name, contact number and email address to us: hey@studentfcmy.com) we will email to you your reset password.

Q:Is my personal information safe?

A: Yes is safe.

Q:Why do I need to insert personal information during registration?

A: Is because verification of the genuine ownership needed during the collection of the items exchange in the Rewards sections. Accuracy of information during registration is important for your points & reward exchange redemption. Any wrong information provided, the reward redemption will not be entertains.


Q:How to check the available discounts?

A: FC mobile application: go to home page/menu bar (dots on top right), click on the “PROMOTION”

Q:How do I claim for the discounts?

A: please refer to our animated guide.

Q:They did not recognise the discount shown in FC application.

A: Our apology, it might be new staff reported to work and not trained. Call the contact number shown in the Merchant profile, and make a report on the scenario.

Q:Why the discount not applicable to all outlet?

A: Only selected outlets that listed in FC apps are available mean time. We are negotiating for more outlets to accept SFC redemption.

Q:Discount seen few days ago and is no longer available?

A: View each discount end date, some seasonal discounts will have shorter period.


Q:How do I earn points?

A: Every discount claimed will be rewarded with points.

Q:How do I claim the points?

A: please refer to our animated guide.

Q:What is the use of the points?

A: The points can be exchange for goods, cash vouchers and cash in the Reward section.

Q:Is there other way to earn points?

A: There will be more attractive and fun way from earning points. (Available in April – Jun 2018 update patch).

Q:Where should I collect the items exchanged using my points?

A: The collection will be in designated retailer, FC Head Office or from your university/college representative. We will contact for the collection details.

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